April 24, 2018 Stewart Marshall

Small Steps – Giant Leap

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Well durr…Right!?

And yet, while this measured approach might seem most sensible, when it comes to IT system implementations, it’s all too common to see wholesale changes being made. Grandiose plans are made for new ERPs or CRMs or your TLA of choice, and hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars are spent replacing something that often as not has run a business for many years and may only have really needed a few, occasionally significant tweaks, here of there to keep it upright for another decade.

Of course, the all or nothing approach is sometimes justifiable, just as some houses are better served being knocked down and rebuilt rather than sympathetically restored or renovated, but sadly, the IT industry is rather prone to offering up a serving of alleged silver bullets to encourage the former.

As I’ve written before, vendors are in the business of being in business, and they’re only too happy to sell you this year’s super trendy, latest and greatest solution to exactly the same set of problems that you’ve been addressing for many years.

And that of course is the elephant in the room.

The IT issues that SMEs face today are largely the same as those of yesteryear, so when we focus our attention on consuming this particular elephant, we would be well advised to think about adopting an incremental approach.

Big changes typically come with big prices both in terms of money as well as business interruption and while they may promise nirvana, the reality is often a little less desirable.

Small changes, however, may only result in a small improvement, but they typically cost very little and have next to no impact in terms of business interruption.

And if we make enough small changes, we can reap an enormous reward.

Here’s another perspective on making small changes to achieve excellent outcomes.

Today’s Top Takeaway

Before spending big on new solutions, be sure you’re getting the most out of your current systems

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