October 29, 2018 Stewart Marshall


The digital transformation market, like all technology trends, is awash with hyperbole and a cast of thousands willing to offer you a seat on the bandwagon.

While some businesses are beginning to effectively leverage the opportunities, many are missing the mark with their initiatives because they’re focussing on the wrong thing.

All too often the driving force is the idea that technology will let them get the same job done for less money. This may well be true, and not entirely without merit.

But if this is the driver, it’s an opportunity lost.

Digital transformation offers 2 fundamental benefits – an energised team and an enhanced customer experience.

Instead of looking at the money, if businesses aim at these two targets, they will find that they

✅ Improve efficiency

✅ Boost morale

✅ Reduce staff turnover

✅ Increase customer engagement

✅ Deliver a better customer lifetime value

But, if all they do is look at the balance sheet and seek to use technology to save a few bucks, they’re missing the point.

Effective digital transformation puts people at the centre and uses technology to improve their lives.

Do that, and the bottom line will look after itself.

Is your technology aiming at the right target?

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