November 9, 2018 Stewart Marshall


A recent report from Microsoft and Intel suggests that the cost of keeping a PC more than 4 years old is AU$5,012. It also reveals that machines over 4 years old are over 3 times more likely to need repairs leading to a loss in productivity.

We might of course look at this report and think that a PC and chip vendor have colluded and massaged a set of numbers to encourage us all to go out and buy their excellent range of new hardware.

And that may well be the case.

But whether their numbers are ‘the truth’ or not, there’s no doubt that old hardware wastes time and money, and 71% of respondents to the survey agreed that a newer PC made their staff more productive.

Not only that though. It will make them happier too. They’ll feel more valued, improving morale and reducing staff turnover, and leading to reduced recruitment and business interruption costs.

And this is a very important message for those who count beans and think only of IT as a cost. A new PC will cost around $2,000, and that’s less than 1% of an average wage over 3 years. But count up all the other costs, and $5,012 would likely be a conservative estimate of the price paid for not buying one.

As I say, IT is only ever a cost when done badly.

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