So why is Australia such a $^%#ing backwater when it comes to tech use?

Tools have been improving man’s lot for millennia

But here in The Lucky Country, we rely more and more on digging big holes and growing stuff


In Harvard’s Atlas of Economic Diversity, we’re 93rd in the world

CSIRO’s Data61 CEO Adrian Turner says we spend 1.9% of #GDP on R&D compared to others at 3.6%

Our government says coal and the industries of yesteryear are still the way forward

Well I call #BS!

And I’d happily tell Scott Morrison to his face

A conservative approach served us well during the last #GFC

But it has #FAILED badly since

Years of political turmoil, a pathetic, ideological stance and government inaction has driven Australia to the brink

There is a technological revolution going on around us and we are literally playing in the dirt

But you can choose to stop this

You can focus on improving your technology use

You can make your team more efficient, improve morale and reduce operating costs

You can better connect with your prospects, improve customer lifetime value and lower you marketing spend

You can improve your profit person

But it’s down to you

Call me today to start the 2019 ball rolling

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