January 11, 2019 Stewart Marshall


There are 3 IT related issues that pop up repeatedly in medium sized businesses.

 IT is considered a cost rather than an asset
 A lack of investment results in poor tools, inefficiency and lower morale
 A failure to engage with clients leads to lower sales and increased customer churn

Find all three of these in one organisation and it’s almost certain that hundreds of thousands of $$$ are being wasted annually.

But if we look beyond these symptoms, we’ll find the real issue, and it’s this that is the biggest IT problem.

And it’s found the world over.

Business today is digital and IT is pervasive. And this means that just about every facet of a company is dependent on IT in some way.

So it would seem reasonable then to expect business leaders to understand how to leverage what is now an absolutely essential tool.

And yet, there are countless organisations being run by people who simply don’t get IT or its value.

To them, IT budget is a just a big black hole in to which they throw thousands of dollars and get next to nothing back.

Happily, the solution to this is both cheap and simple.


And you can start by reading my new book ‘Doing IT for Money’


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