Yesterday would have been the 100th birthday of Dr Trevor Pearcey, the creator of #CSIRAC, Australia’s first electronic computer.

And thanks to the Pearcey Foundation, I had the great pleasure of an afternoon geeking out and listening to some extraordinary speakers talking about his life and legacy, at Sydney University’s Nanoscience department.

We heard of the importance of science and the latest telescopes to be built in WA and South Africa.

We were told of data volumes so large they had to be processed immediately because they’re too big to store.

We learned how advances in photonics will make computers faster, smaller and greener, and how the rise in quantum computing will change everything.

In November 1949, #CSIRAC ran its first test program multiplying some numbers. 70 years on, the cutting edge of computing is taking us back to the beginning of time and giving us processing power far beyond the fantasies of just a few years ago.

Scientists and industry continue to innovate in IT because they appreciate the value and outcomes it can deliver.

And this begs a question. IT clearly works so well for the science community, so why do so many businesses struggle to justify investment in their own systems?

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