May 10, 2019 Stewart Marshall


#PurpleBricks has left the building!

Its attempt at a low cost, fixed price real estate business just didn’t gel with the Aussie punter


I’ll let chairman Paul Pindar field that one. He said, “…our rate of geographic expansion was too rapid, and as a result, the quality of execution has suffered”

One of the accusations levelled at #PurpleBricks is that they simply didn’t create a good experience for either the customer or the agent

And there in lies a valuable lesson about technology use in business today

Disrupting a market with a new model needs more than a functional, flashy website, and an offer to provide a service cheaper than the next guy

And it needs more than an app

It needs human-centricity. It needs the interests of the people in the process to be dealt with first and foremost

But, if you’re simply focussed on being cheaper, and you rely on your tech to deliver the outcomes you want, you’re missing the point and you’re going to struggle


Because best practice is found when we develop a culture of people AND technology, not people OR technology

Your IT can make you millions, significantly improving your profit per person.

But only if you’re racing to the top

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