June 3, 2019 Stewart Marshall


Have you ever taken a child to a toy shop as a surprise?

It’s delightful

Their eyes light up when they see the latest super-duper something or other

They’re suddenly full of ideas about the games they could play if only they had it

These weren’t the games they wanted to play before arriving, but now they’ve seen the toy, these are the ONLY games they want to play

If they get this new toy, like Woody in Toy Story when Buzz first arrives, the other toys will be relegated to second place

Grown ups aren’t much better you know

We hear about new toys like “AI”, whatever that is, machine learning, 5G and the Internet of Things

And we want to play

But unlike children, we can’t simply relegate other toys to second place and forget about them

We have businesses to run and problems to solve, not just games to play

New toys may be the right answer

They may not

Only a grown up approach will determine that before you spend your heard earned cash

But you can only spend it once

If you buy the tool before making a proper assessment, you’ll be looking for the right job for the tool, regardless of whether that’s what you wanted to do

But, take the time to define your problems first and you can buy the right tool for the job

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