May 31, 2019 Stewart Marshall


A Dystopian future full of Schwarzenegger and a multidimensional fight for human survival isn’t coming anytime soon

In fact, software with “human intelligence” is a long way off


Because we don’t even know how we learn

Computers might be able to beat our best umans at chess, but there are only 32 pieces and 64 squares

That’s a tiny set of variables for a computer to evaluate

But with 5G and IoT sensors, we’ll soon have access to almost limitless amounts of data

Data based on temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, location, image and doubtless many more

Data that’s collected and processed in real time

Just like the autopilots that we’ve had on planes for many years but with way more sensors

“AI” today and tomorrow is ALL ABOUT THE DATA

After that, it’s just some very good maths

It’s a statistical analysis to determine an action of best fit

That’s not intelligent

It’s programmed

A human told it what to do

So keep calm and carry on

“AI” is just another tool for business to use

Your job then is to find the problems you need address

Look at your needs, wants and dreams and find the tool that will solve them for you

But don’t focus on the technology

If you do that, you miss the point

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