February 20, 2018 Stewart Marshall

The Why of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a thing, and an increasingly popular thing at that. Businesses of all sizes are beginning to embrace the opportunities that the modern XaaS (X as a service) technologies present, yet only about 1 in 3 has any real strategy in place to help them move forward.

Disturbingly, there seems to be a level of reticence or reluctance, particularly for SMEs, to make the effort to get properly involved.

Some will be “set and forgetters” who spent big some years ago and are happy with their IT solutions, and some just aren’t in a position to do anything today. But the rest have no real excuse, so perhaps what they lack is a little motivation.

And what better to motivate a business than a big pile of cash from customers new and old and an improved profit per person?

Again and again, the needs and wants of consumers is being shown to be the single biggest driver behind digital initiatives, and it’s all about attracting new customers, retaining the existing ones, delivering exceptional service, and maximising customer lifetime value.

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Today’s Top Takeaway

Digital transformation is like teenage sex. It leaves those who are doing it wanting so much more.

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