I recently heard a C-Suite exec argue against innovation and the adoption of IT and it almost left me speechless, and that is a rare thing I can assure you.

My assertion was as ever that every time a person does a job a computer can do, the average cost to a business is $100,000.

The response from the exec was very illuminating.

“Yes, but an extra person is a known cost. Using IT is a big unknown”.

At face value that may seem reasonable. However, it’s simply not true.

IT doesn’t always result in an obvious or immediately tangible outcome, so it’s often thought of as a cost rather than an asset.

If it were a digger, there’d be no problem. We all know a JCB can dig holes in minutes while many men with hand tools will take hours.

But computers are perceived differently, and yet they’re machines like any other. They help us do jobs quicker and with fewer people. So why would they be a cost and a big unknown while a digger is considered to be a money saving asset?

Your IT spend is a short term cost, but it buys an asset that will continue to deliver value year after year. And whatever the price, it will be far less than employing people to do the same job.

How much have your IT initiatives saved?

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