October 31, 2018 Stewart Marshall


The catchcry of those who mistrust IT.

And yet it runs their business.

Don’t believe me? Try switching it all off!

Whether you have an internal IT department or use a managed service provider, the reality is that your IT function controls your organisation.

When I started in IT in the late 80s, such a notion would have been scoffed at by some of the older managers. They would have contested that a mere few years before, the business was doing fine with little more than calculators and typewriters.

30 years later, businesses are now dependent on technology because it has repeatedly demonstrated its worth. IT teams have delivered value not only for strategic goals, but also by developing independent initiatives.

Yet still there are those who think of it as a drain. They regard technology with suspicion and demand that the business people control IT decision making.

Yet by doing so, they strangle the very innovation that has served so well.

Better would be to collaborate with IT, embracing the opportunities it presents, because the adoption of technology has been shown time and again to increase efficiency and improve the customer experience.

And those are both very desirable outcomes.

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