October 29, 2018 Stewart Marshall


With all the advances in technology and its increased democratisation, the future looks very bright for businesses large or small.

Soon, whether you’re making a physical product or delivering a service, there will no reason for your production processes to be anything other than slick and efficient.

But your competition has those same opportunities too, so the cost of production of comparable products will be roughly the same for all.

And that means it’s only how you engage with your customers that will make any real difference.

You can offer the cheapest price, cut your margins and try to win the race to the bottom.

Or, you can offer an exemplary service that treats people like people and not just the next purchaser.

To do this, you need to innovate and equip your team so that you can interact regularly with your audience, before, during and after the sale.

Today, we call this digital transformation, but to do so is missing the point. This is not about connectivity, embedded devices and the internet of things. Those are just tools, a means to an end.

Tomorrow will be about humanity, people, and the service revolution.

So the only question is how will you CHOOSE to serve?

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