IT, a bottomless pit that swallows money every year with minimal return on investment?

Thinking this way will ensure a much lower profit per person.

Thinking of IT as a cost guarantees a long slow decline. It’s like a disease slowly incapacitating its host.

It strangles investment forcing the team to cope with old, slow tools, reducing efficiency and productivity, and leaving them without the up to date information they need to make accurate decisions.

It lowers morale, increasing the likelihood of good quality employees moving on, and pushes up recruitment costs.

Innovation is stifled. Instead of leveraging comparatively cheap technology to solve a problem, expensive employees are used instead.

Customer and prospect engagement is reduced. Service standards suffer, and the likelihood of repeat business decreases, lowering customer lifetime value.

All this because of a shortsighted, negative perspective.

Instead, embrace IT and understand that it’s an asset.

Know that it empowers your team, improves productivity, connects with your customers and delivers value, year after year.

If you need help changing your perspective, read my book – ‘Doing IT for Money

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