January 28, 2019 Stewart Marshall


Just a decade ago, if you weren’t available to talk to a customer on the phone you risked losing them.

Today, direct voice communication plays second fiddle to electronic engagement.

In fact, twice as many customers and prospects would opt for electronic communications rather than the phone.

But most business leaders believe it to be the other way round.

This gap means there are opportunities for forward thinking businesses to innovate, lowering costs, improving their customer experience, and disrupting their competition.

So what can you do?

AI and bots are beginning to demonstrate value, allowing for some conversations to be handled entirely by technology.

But if the cutting edge isn’t for you, how about a web based customer portal?

Rather than customers calling expensive call centre staff, applications such as these provide self service functionality and create additional touch points.

They’re relatively cheap to build and pay for themselves quickly by reducing wages and improving engagement.

Best of all, you have an opportunity to sell directly to a soft target, increasing your customer lifetime value.

So, are you using IT to engage with your people?

And if not, WHY NOT?!

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