January 23, 2019 Stewart Marshall


The marketing team identifies a need and buys some software to solve it. Accounting identifies a similar need but implements a different solution.

Sound familiar?

HLB Mann Judd found that only 20% of SMEs have a business plan, so very few will an IT strategy. This means most are spending big on IT solutions with no real plan other than to resolve the issue immediately before them.

This is like playing IT whack-a-mole.

IT is an enabler. Its sole purpose is to support the business and marketing goals.

Yet evidence strongly suggests that most simply don’t understand this fundament of IT, or are willfully ignoring it!

Your IT strategy doesn’t need to be complex. IT simply needs to identify how technology will serve the needs of the business today and tomorrow, and how it will build a foundation on which it will operate for the foreseeable future.

So there are 3 things you need to do.

Take the time to develop a core business plan for the next 5 years.

Talk to your team at every level and understand their needs.

Hire someone to help you translate those requirements in to a pragmatic IT strategy.

Without this, you’re guessing.

And as I say, IT is only ever a cost when it’s poorly implemented.

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