January 18, 2019 Stewart Marshall


You spend your hard earned cash on a new tool. 6 months later it’s shelfware.

The initial problem still isn’t solved and you’ve wasted time, money and opportunity.

Sound familiar?

Successful implementations don’t happen by chance. They need all stakeholders at all levels to be on board.

Culture starts at the top and works its way down, so if you want your team to engage with the new IT toys you give them, there are some things you need to do.

Ensure they’re given every opportunity to succeed by keeping training courses and go-live dates close together. The longer the gap the worse the result.

Create evangelists to know everything about the solution, provide support and limit interruption.

Actively encourage its use and accept that there will likely be a short term drop in productivity. If necessary, hire consultants or temporary staff to help out.

These extras are a small price to pay to get your team up to speed. But the quicker they do, the sooner you’ll reap the rewards of your new systems, so bite the bullet of any additional costs.

If you don’t, you’ll spend time, effort and money on something to solve a problem, but the problem will still be there and you’ll have less money.

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