January 16, 2019 Stewart Marshall


There’s no doubt that training pays for itself many times over, but all too often I see this.

New software is provided. The recipient is pointed towards the online resources and then left to it.

Sound familiar?

Sadly, this all too common technique is used to save a few $$$ upfront, but ends up costing many thousands later.

Here’s why.

Firstly, it guarantees inefficient use of the tool, and that’s just plain wasteful.

Why employ poorly trained people who don’t know what they’re doing?


Secondly, in just about every survey of desirable job features, personal development is considered to be more important than money.

Think about that for a sec.

Invest in your people and you can pay them less!

Of course, there are misanthropes who dislike paying for education, saying that staff just leave and take their new skills to a new employer…and some do.

But most stay and the business will benefit.

However, the real kicker is this.

If you don’t provide training, staff turnover will likely increase, and it’ll be the better team members who leave.

So you wind up with increased recruitment costs and a lower calibre team.

And that’s a huge price to pay to avoid spending a little on education.

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