January 9, 2019 Stewart Marshall


I see these same 7 mistakes all the time, and they’re costing businesses hundreds of thousands of $$$ every year.

  1. Poor training – A poorly trained team is inefficient, less motivated and more likely to leave.
  2. New systems and solutions – Poor engagement with and promotion of new tools risks them being sidelined or ignored, wasting time and money.
  3. Setting and Forgetting – Yesterday’s right is tomorrow’s wrong. Review your IT regularly to make sure that it still serves your needs.
  4. Poor strategy – IT is an enabler. It’s there to support your business and marketing goals. If you’re not serving those needs, you’re wasting time and money.
  5. Failing to engage with customers – most customers prefer to communicate via phone or electronically, but few businesses think the same. A poor customer experience means they’ll go elsewhere
  6. Lack of investment – You’re in a race against your competitors. They’re innovating, and if you don’t you’ll be left behind.
  7. Thinking of IT as a cost – This is a disease that slowly incapacitates its host by strangling investment and innovation. The team becomes demotivated, inefficient, and are unable to provide anything other than an inferior customer experience.

Which ones apply to you?

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