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Digital disruption – It’s evolution, not revolution

Digital disruption

Choosing your mode of transport first will limit your choice of destination

10 ideas to help you choose the right value added reseller (VAR)

Break the cycle and make your vicious circles virtuous

Catch 22 – The big problem so many SMEs have with IT

An old machine with a couple of new parts, is still an old machine.

6 Reasons To Avoid DIY Computer Upgrades

When it comes to IT, a stitch in time saves a truck load more than 9.

Is Your IT Set and Forget?

IT is a team sport

1 – The Most Dangerous Number in IT

If there’s one thing we can learn from history, it’s that we never learn from history

Once More Unto The Breach

People first, technology second!

Living the Dream

It’s not what it can or can’t do. It only matters what you want it do.

Meet Stewart Marshall, CEO of MarshallFloyd

Customers aren’t always right, but they’re always important.

5 Principles of IT for SMEs – #4 – Engage

Are your systems documented to provide cover in the event of unexpected absence?

The Importance of Processes

Do it once. Do it again. Do it well.

5 Principles of IT for SMEs – #3 – Simplify

Before spending big on new solutions, be sure you’re getting the most out of your current systems.

Small Steps – Giant Leap

Invest in your people and they will pay you back many times over.

5 Principles of IT for SMEs – #2 – Assistance

Review your IT regularly. You can only plan a journey if you know where you’re starting.

5 Principles of IT for SMEs – #1 – Foundation

Always consider the total cost of ownership. It’s nearly always so much more than it appears at first glance.

3 Reasons Why SMEs Should Buy an Extended Warranty

Your competitors are embracing the opportunities that the digital world is offering. Don’t let them leave you behind!

Top 7 Mistakes That Cause My Customers Problems

All that glitters ain’t gold, but it could be! Only good old fashioned analysis and hard work will provide an answer.

Is “The Cloud” The Right Choice For SMEs?

Understand your requirements and then find the appropriate tool. Don’t let trends and the flavour of the day guide you down the wrong path.

Affordable Digital Transformation

Better profit per person comes when you and your team are solving your business issues rather than the focusing on technology.

Why SMEs Struggle With Digital Transformation

If you skimp on IT investment, every dollar saved is a dollar wasted.

Profit Per Person

Team + Tech + Training = Triumph

Implementation is EVERYTHING

Smart technology still requires smart use to maximise its value.

It’s STILL all about the people

The technology is available. What do you want to do with it?

Do You Have an IoT Strategy?

Succeed with a plan and learn from your mistakes. Succeed without one and remain ignorant.

90% of SMEs Have No IT Strategy

Everyone is glued to their mobile device. How can you put your business front and centre?

Improving Customer Lifetime Value

IT should be an asset. The only time it should be a cost to a business is when it’s poorly implemented.

5 Reasons For IT ROI Failures

A failure to invest in IT is an investment in failure.

40% of SMEs Aren’t Investing Enough in IT?

Digital transformation is like teenage sex: it leaves those who are doing it wanting so much more.

The Why of Digital Transformation

Finding yourself without time to think is a sure sign that your business systems and processes aren’t working for you.

The Right Answer, Not The First

If you can’t even lock your windows and doors, what chance do you have of keeping a burglar out?

Back to Basics

Digital transformation is like teenage sex: once you’ve done it, you know what all the fuss is about.

The 1 or 2 Step Guide to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is like teenage sex: There’s a lot of talk, not enough action, and a lot of instructional videos.

Digital Transformation in 4, 5, 6 or Possibly 7 Steps

It’s hard to over state the value of encouraging best security practices.

Money Makes The World…More Secure?

If you think it: INK IT! If there’s data that can be recorded, record it. You never know what it might tell you.

Know Your Customers

Tolerance is declining and “good enough” today, won’t be tomorrow.

Is Your Website Costing You Sales?

Digital transformation is like teenage sex: the longer you wait to get involved, the more daunting it appears.

Digitisation Is Nothing To Fear

Stay on top of your IT. A dollar invested today, will make you many, many more tomorrow

Your Spend On IT Is Not What It Costs

Keep it simple. IT is a means to an end, not the end itself.

I Meant Strategy, Not “Strategy”

An old tool used well is more valuable than a new one used poorly, so don’t rush to by the latest and greatest.

The Business of Being in Business

In today’s increasingly disposable society, it’s always worth remembering the ethos behind “make do and mend”.

Shopping is Fun

People are expensive and a failure to train them is an opportunity lost.

It’s All About The People

Look after your kit and your kit will look after you.

Cruise Control – The Dangers of “Set And Forget” IT Systems