February 5, 2018 Stewart Marshall

Do You Understand Cyber Security?

It’s OK. You’re not alone. Most businesses have minimal understanding of the subject, and many IT guys are little better.

There are the basics, such as having a strong password and changing it regularly; using a firewall, anti-virus and malware tools; not clicking on things in emails that you know nothing about. But beyond these very simplistic measures for keeping a PC upright and the data secure, there is a myriad of other considerations.

Happily, your friendly, neighbourhood cyber security consultant will, for a very reasonable fee, help you set up your systems and work practices, so that the risks are minimised. All you need to do is “get round to it”, a phrase that will haunt you once you become one of the 59% of small businesses affected by a cyber attack, and have you telling your business friends how you wished you’d done it sooner.

Still, in the meantime, here are a few solid tips from the Australian Tax Office on ways you can start to mitigate the risks.

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