May 28, 2019 Stewart Marshall


Many people are surprised when I tell them I understand how they feel about IT

They give me that, “Yeah right! Sure you do” look

But it’s true

You’re not alone when it comes to technology making you feel a little out of your depth

I’ve felt like I’m drowning before

I did when I led the project to build Visual LANSA

So that I could “get my hands dirty”, as one of my colleagues put it, I had to learn JavaScript

I didn’t need to be an expert, my colleagues had that covered, but I did need to know enough to be able to talk to them

The first few weeks were terrible

I didn’t want to appear dumb, so I didn’t ask the team

I wanted to survive on my own

So I looked things up on #Google and was none the wiser after reading the pages of information and opinion

I felt utterly useless and unproductive

Eventually though, I swallowed my pride and started talking to the subject matter experts

They helped me find technical solutions to the business problems I had

And the more I engaged, the more familiar and manageable I found my new world

So, if you feel swamped by technology, know that I’ve felt that way too and then give me a call

I’ve found that the best results come when we work together as a team

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