It’s amazing what we miss when our focus is elsewhere

Last week I posted a video

The post was titled ‘BABY IN A SAUCEPAN’

The text even said to look out for them

They were on the screen for nearly 3 seconds

And yet I had people tell me they didn’t see either

They were focussed on me, reading the captions or whatever

This same scenario plays out in many places

It’s what makes being a #CEO or #CFO so hard

Lots of competing priorities that grab attention

So it’s easy to miss something in the background

Especially if it’s something you don’t ‘get’

IT is a bit like that

It sits in the background, quietly doing its thing

In the mid-tier, many business leaders give it a quick glance now and then

But no one really looks at it

What would you see if you looked at yours?

What would your team see?

What would your customers, partners and suppliers see?


I’d see opportunities

I’d see where you could improve your efficiency, morale and engagement

I’d see where you could create a better environment and deliver a superior profit per person

And who wouldn’t want all of those?

Especially if they paid for themselves

It’s amazing what can be hidden in plain sight

All you have to do is start looking

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