October 29, 2018 Stewart Marshall


Every business should know about the importance of having robust backup and disaster recovery processes and testing them at least one a year.

However, should a little sloth or complacency be consuming you, I’ll put their value into perspective for you.

Every hour that a business is down will cost

– small business around $8,000

– medium business about $75,000

– and large enterprise $700,000

When Woolworth’s and BWS were without a functional point of sale system for just 30 minutes because of a server upgrade, the reported cost was $1,000,000.

According to some sources, as many as 90% of businesses, without a disaster recovery plan, will fail in the event of a major incident. Whether that’s accurate or not is unclear, but there’s certainly no smoke without fire.

The need for a comprehensive disaster recovery policy should be clear, but given the complexity of modern systems, it’s impossible to avoid all eventualities.

But it shouldn’t stop you trying to mitigate what you can.

The title for this post poses the question “WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?”.

The short answer to that is absolutely everything.

Just checking, but have you and your MSP tested your backups and DR recently?

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