In my last post, I told of how my much loved Subaru Forester had an oil leak and an all but dead power steering pump too

My amateur diagnosis based on the racket it was making

The NRMA guy agreed

It went to Sid’s garage on Thursday

He rang on Friday to tell me the steering rack was Kaput

That, the pump and labour would be $1500 or more

Sid rang 30 minutes later

They’d found a loose nut on a high pressure hose when removing the rack

Could that be the real culprit?

They tightened it up and cleared the air from the steering pump

No more oil leak and a silent pump

A car driving like new again for $150

A quicker and cheaper solution because Sid found the REAL PROBLEM and then the RIGHT ANSWER

NOT the FIRST perceived problem and the FIRST answer

This is an important metaphor for IT decision making

It’s all too easy to think that new technology is the answer

But employ a specialist to investigate, you get a new perspective

You may find the problem isn’t what you thought it was

You may find the answer is very different

So often it’s not the technology that’s failed

It’s how it’s used and how people interact with it

So before you spend big, make sure you’re solving the REAL PROBLEM with the RIGHT ANSWER

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