November 21, 2018 Stewart Marshall


Only 20% of businesses have a formal business plan.

Given this disturbingly low number, you won’t be surprised to learn even fewer have an IT strategy of any real sort.

Those that do will hopefully have aligned their IT with the needs of their business and marketing strategies, something I strongly recommend.

However, this is only the start point for an IT implementation and there’s another facet to it that’s a little less tangible.

The A of my FASES methodology stands for Assist, and is all about helping your team in every way possible. This has three tenets

Equip – Give your team all the tools they need

Educate – Make sure they have access to regular training

Encourage – Support them so they adopt and engage with their new tools

By doing this, your IT will become so much more valuable. It will make you and your team far more productive and much happier.

When everyone embraces IT, it is no longer just a set of tools or processing infrastructure.

When everyone embraces IT, it becomes an intrinsic feature of your business.

When everyone embraces IT, it becomes part of your culture.

And that, as Peter Drucker so famously said, is something that “eats strategy for breakfast”

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