March 13, 2018 Stewart Marshall

Why SMEs Struggle With Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation presents SMEs with an extraordinary opportunity to differentiate themselves in today’s increasingly crowded market place, and to offer an excellent customer experience via an app or online experience.

As ever though, theory and practice are not quite in sync, and Telstra’s 2018 small business intelligence report highlights the gulf between customer expectation and the reality of small business offerings.

As ever, we should ask why, and there’s no surprise that the sheer cost of developing an app or highly functional website is seen as a significant barrier. A quick search on Google will supply a range of figures, but the consensus seems to be that you need a minimum of $100,000 and to be prepared to wait for 6 months or more.

Once more we should ask why. Why is it that relatively simple bits of software take so long and cost so much?

I think this perspective on what I’ll refer to as the bleeding edge of modern day web development may well give us a clue.

It’s enough to make this veteran of the low code, high productivity software world cry.


Today’s Top Takeaway

Better profit per person comes when you and your team are solving your business issues rather than the focusing on technology.

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