Want an effective assessment of your IT?


By which of course I mean your team. They already know what does and doesn’t work well.

When I do this, I go looking for buried TREASURE. I talk to the team and ask them to rate their tools from 1 to 10 using the following metrics.

T IME – Is it a good use of your time? The more it wastes, the lower the score.

R ELEVANCE – Is it the right tool for the job?

E DUCATION – What’s your level of training?

A TTITUDE – Do you like the tool?

S ERVICE – How well does it serve customer needs?

U SABILITY – How usable is it?

R ELIABILITY – How reliable is it?

E FFECTIVENESS – How well does it serve your needs?

The averages will paint a telling picture.

As you implement new systems, enhance others and develop your team, run the test again to determine progress.

Engaging with your people and resolving their issues will increase morale and improve efficiency. This helps reduce staff turnover and recruitment costs, saving hundreds of thousands of $$$.

But if you don’t measure your success, you’re just guessing as to whether you’re doing the right thing. And that, as I’ve written before, has been proven to lead to less than desirable results.

What’s your buried treasure worth?

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