March 21, 2019 Stewart Marshall


This quote from Peter Drucker tells us that business improvement only happens when we track performance.

But in his day, there were a great many things that were, if not impossible, certainly impractical to measure. And those you could assess often relied on the analysis of failure.

Fast forward to yesterday at the Microsoft IOT in Action event in Sydney, and Peter’s eyes would have lit up at the prospect of applying modern technology to, well, just about anything.

Today’s technology lets you measure performance in real time, whether that’s location, temperature, vibration, air pressure or one of doubtless many more environmental factors.

There are tiny #RFID tags can be used to track inventory location.

A simple accelerometer attached to a fan can now detect anomalies long before the fan fails.

A Fitbit like device can now be worn by the team to monitor for high fatigue environments, reducing the risk of accidents.

The emergence of Internet of Things devices is revolutionising man’s capabilities, but as ever, this is not a silver bullet.

It’s just a technology that can help us work smarter.

So, today you can measure everything.

All you have to do is decide what you want to manage.

#Techceleration #WorkSmarter

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