April 5, 2019 Stewart Marshall


You don’t know, what you don’t know

Nearly all business leaders know this, and nearly all know they don’t know enough about IT

Many hand over the reins to their CFO, and as most of these aren’t experienced IT guys, they should know that they don’t know as well

Many CFOs ASSUME their managed service provider will look after them

But CFOS should know that MSPs aren’t the right people to provide impartial, strategic advice about technology

And the MSP should know that it doesn’t know enough about the underlying needs and wants of the business


Well that’s kinda the point

If you’re a business leader today, you NEED to know about IT and you NEED to align it with the NEEDS of your business

A failure to do so will cost mid-tier firms hundreds of thousands and maybe millions in unnecessary wage costs, recruitment, business interruption and lost sales

In short, you NEED to KNOW!

The first step to stopping the rot is education

My 1/2 day Profitable People Workshop will teach you how the 7 deadly sins of IT are so costly

It will teach you a structured approach to implementing IT

And it will show you how human-centricity can make you millions, paying for itself many times over

You NEED to KNOW and I can help you learn

100 Tips and Hints

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