July 22, 2019 Stewart Marshall


You’re a sheep, following the rest and happy in your flock

You’re not interested in #innovation

You think of IT as a cost

You prefer to rely on people rather than tools

You don’t develop your team

You don’t get that IT is an enabler

You don’t want to invest in technology

You’re frightened of change

You’re happy doing nothing different

You think beans are only good for counting


You want to stand out

You have a progressive mindset

You want to work smarter

You’ll try something new

You’re prepared to take a risk, fail and try again

You want to leverage the technology revolution

You want to empower your team

You want to engage with your customers

You want to improve you profit per person

You think beans should be planted, nurtured and GROWN


We’re a perfect match

So let’s talk about tomorrow today and how your business can stand out from the crowd (Meeting link is in the comments)

It’ll cost you NOTHING

Assess your own performance by taking my survey (link in the comments)

And get a copy of my bestselling book “Doing IT for Money”

I promise, no snake oil

No smoke and mirrors and no obligations

I want to talk CEOs and CFOs who are TRUE BUSINESS LEADERS, not followers

Which are you?

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